Author: Jeff Alford

Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami 0

Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami

It may be tempting to approach Wind/Pinball like you would pressing play on a favorite band’s demo tape, but Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973 (Haruki Murakami’s first two novels) are surprisingly polished...

The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall 0

The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall

In Sarah Hall’s The Wolf Border, Rachel Caine, a zoologist specializing in wolves, is offered a job back in Northern England by a wealthy Earl. His Annerdale estate is near the village she grew...

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy 0

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy’s latest book Satin Island exists in a glorious new realm of writing between a novel, a narrative manifesto, a treatise, and a test. Written in the form of a bureaucratic report, Satin...