Author: Jenn Fields


The Travelers by Regina Porter

★★★★☆ Regina Porter’s debut novel casts a big, wide, engrossing net of an intergenerational family saga. It starts in the 1950s and ends in the Obama era. It follows not one but two parallel...


China Dream by Ma Jian

★★★★☆ Chinese dissident author Ma Jian’s latest novel is a scathing satire panning Xi Jinping, but it will be tough for people living under Xi’s regime to get a copy of the book. Ma’s...

Sheila-Heti-Motherhood 0

Motherhood by Sheila Heti

★★★★☆ A facile description of Sheila Heti’s brilliant latest book is that Motherhood is about a female writer in her late thirties who is trying to decide whether to have a child, and what...