Author: John Formy-Duval


The Pioneers by David McCullough

★★★★☆ The Northwest Ordinance passed Congress “without the least variation” on July 13, 1787. It created a territory that encompassed the eventual six states from Ohio and west around the Great Lakes to Wisconsin...

Is, Is Not by Tess Gallagher 0

Is, Is Not by Tess Gallagher

★★★☆☆ Its title suggests the endless arguments of two children, that something “is!” or “is not!” While we are not encumbered by mere recitation of unresolvable argument in Tess Gallagher’s collection, the reader experiences...

Henry, Himself by Stewart O'Nan 0

Henry, Himself by Stewart O’Nan

★★★★☆ Returning to the fictional Maxwell family of Pittsburg, Stewart O’Nan’s Henry, Himself provides the backstory for two of the author’s previous, highly appreciated novels. The first, Wish You Were Here (2002), introduced the...