Author: Mark Flanagan

Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman 0

Neil Gaiman Tackles the Norse Gods

I vividly recall being captivated by the stories of Greek gods and heroes in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. This was where I learned about Zeus and Hermes, Hera and Aphrodite. Before there was Rick Riordan,...

Signs of You by Emily France 0

Signs of You by Emily France

★★★★★ Riley’s mother has been dead for two years when Riley spots her in a Heinen’s supermarket, nonchalantly perusing bubble bath as though she wasn’t even supposed to be six feet beneath the cold...

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren 0

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

★★★★★ As a child, Hope Jahren spent hours in her father’s science laboratory, and from her mother she inherited a love of language. These earliest influences find an auspicious union in Lab Girl, Jahren’s...