Armada by Ernest Cline

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2 Responses

  1. Pynk says:

    Old people shouldn’t be allowed to be reviewers. Instead of having anything of merit to say about the novel, all you did was compare it to things we read and saw in our youth. I have a kid of my own reading Armada, and ‘The Last Starfighter’ was released before I was even born! Writers are writing for their generation. Do you know how amped I was to see Neil Degrasse Tyson as a character in a novel?! An honest to goodness African-American hero that doesn’t play a sport – I’m chuffed to bits, I cried, I was proud. I’m sure there are plenty of people that agree with your review, but it depressed me, seriously.

  2. Mark Flanagan says:

    Hey, Pynk. I’m sorry my review depressed you. It’s so rare that I write a negative review, largely because I read and review books that I believe I’ll like. As you can tell from my opener on this review, I really enjoyed Ready Player One and had hoped, at the very least, for a repeat performance. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t there. I won’t repeat my critique in the comments, but Armada falls pretty short of the mark. You mentioned your son, but have YOU read this book? I’m guessing you haven’t, or at least your expectations of fiction are pretty low.

    Now, regarding my age – You must be aware that Ernest Cline is also an old person (roughly my age), right? And, if you read Ready Player One, you clearly know that he is writing for an audience nostalgic for 1980s geekdom – again, geeks of my generation. So, it seems trollish to say that “old people shouldn’t be allowed to be reviewers,” especially when I did attempt to speak to the novel’s merits and its shortcomings. Unfortunately, it just had more shortcomings than merits.

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