The Moravian Night by Peter Handke

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4 Responses

  1. Alan Corn says:

    I agree entirely with your review of Moravian Night. One of the most difficult reads that I have ever experienced. Faulkner’s The Bear was more engaging. I even found Finnegan’s Wake more enjoyable, at least in spots.

  2. Jeff Alford says:

    Hi Alan, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Nice to know I’m not alone on this! Have you read any other Handke? Curious if this was your first or if you came to The Moravian Night after enjoying something else he’d written.

  3. Here , first of all, a link that provides entry to the MORAVIAN NIGHT DISCUSSION site.

    I am sorry to read here that the reviewer is not enchanted by the extraordinary artfulness of the much of the story telling or sequences of astounding metaphoric beauty such as te visit to the father”s grave and the island where the writer wrote his first book and had his first affair who now haunts him as an old crone – . –

  4. Jeff Alford says:

    Thanks for the link, Michael. I, too, am sorry I was not enchanted by the Handke. I’ve clicked around on your blog and I think it’s great how you’re tracking the reception of this book. It’s clear you truly believe in it.

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