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Mrs. Osmond by John Banville 0

Mrs. Osmond by John Banville

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ With Mrs. Osmond, John Banville has achieved an unthinkably bold feat: adopting the sumptuous prose of Henry James, Banville has penned a sequel to James’ celebrated masterwork The Portrait...

Hope Valley by Jon Manuel 0

Hope Valley by John Manuel

★★★★☆ Regional novels published by small presses face great difficulty gaining traction in the massive world of publishing. Tens of thousands of books are published each year, most of them by major publishers who...

Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss 0

Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss

★★★☆☆ Nicole Krauss has taken a bold, introspective leap forward with her new novel Forest Dark: this is a difficult, densely intellectual book about memory, history, and the contemporary Jewish experience mixed with a Franz...