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No Good Alternative by William T. Vollmann 0

No Good Alternative by William T. Vollmann

★★★★★ No Good Alternative is the second half of William T. Vollmann’s Carbon Ideologies, a sprawling two-volume presentation on the world’s energy consumption and its resultant environmental dangers. Together, the two parts of Carbon...


Not Quite Not White by Sharmila Sen

★★★☆☆ Sharmila Sen’s Not Quite Not White is articulate and engaging, so it’s all the more unfortunate that it fails to draw meaningful, practical conclusions about America’s imperfections. In this memoir/manifesto of a first-generation...

Milk! by Mark Kurlansky 0

Milk! by Mark Kurlansky

★★★★☆ Mark Kurlansky writes that milk is a “10,000-year-old controversy. When you think about it, it was a pretty weird thing to begin with, the idea that we could replace mothers with secretions from...