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The Secret Life by Andrew O'Hagan 0

The Secret Life by Andrew O’Hagan

★★★★☆ Twenty-first century technology has allowed us to disappear into our machines, to hide behind avatars and fake user info and engage, anonymously, with the digital world around us. Although people can become anybody...

The Templars by Dan Jones 0

The Templars by Dan Jones

★★★★☆ The Templars have been transported through the dust of history to occupy a place in our consciousness that transcends who they really were and what they actually did. Hundreds of books and numerous...

Pig/Pork by Pia Spry-Marques 0

Pig/Pork by Pía Spry-Marqués

★★★★☆ Our love affair with pigs – more accurately pork – extends to the dawn of human existence. Excavations at the site of Medzhibozh 1 in Western Ukraine indicate that “wild boar were being...