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Confession of the Lioness 0

Confession of the Lioness by Mia Couto

Set in the isolated, fictional village of Kulumani in Mozambique, The Confession of the Lioness explores the conflict between the encroaching modern world and the traditional world embraced by the villagers. Interwoven stories by...

Time Salvager by Wesley Chu 0

Time Salvager by Wesley Chu

Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager is a rapid-fire thriller set in a dystopic future defined by rust, decay, and absolute corporate hegemony. It’s the 26th century, and mankind has finally done it. We’ve finally rendered...

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick 0

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

The title of this “aching tale of love and redemption” as self-described in the narrative is taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s Jailbird: “Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.” May is the key here. Love...