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Exhalation by Ted Chiang 0

Exhalation by Ted Chiang

★★★★☆ Ted Chiang’s second collection of stories, Exhalation, reads like curious thought experiments in narrative form. The stories are science-heavy (unique concepts like blue shift, multiverse theory, and entropy inform each plot), and Chiang’s...


China Dream by Ma Jian

★★★★☆ Chinese dissident author Ma Jian’s latest novel is a scathing satire panning Xi Jinping, but it will be tough for people living under Xi’s regime to get a copy of the book. Ma’s...


Outside Looking In by T.C. Boyle

★★★★☆ We’ve all occasionally fantasized about penetrating some ultimate inner circle, being born into the right era and the right place so that any possible “fear of missing out” is a distant nonentity. T.C....