Dream: Public Art Gymnasium

In the dream I’m walking down a corridor and observing a successive chain of aggression in which each of the people I pass suspect and accuse another person walking in the same direction of somehow disrespecting them. It ends with this middle-aged bald guy (but not me) who, frustrated, exits via a stairwell, muttering about how he was wronged, how things might have been different if only, etc.

I vaguely awaken at that point to recognize that this is indeed a dream, but fall back into another dream in which I am rolling the aforementioned dream around in my head, considering its meaning and also mentally saving it to write about.

I am in a hallway in a government office, and something on the radio show being piped over the intercom compels me to investigate, and I ask directions to the Public Health Department. In seeking out this office, I become like a kid, turning it into a game. There is some sort of large metal sculpture consisting of a series of beams which I climb and balance upon, one after the other, periodically glancing up at the security guard leaning against a nearby wall and nodding assent to my progress.

In the end, I seem to have climbed my way to a row of airline seats where I am engaging an older couple and a little girl who is fascinated with some shiny thing. “That’s nothing,” I say, and I raise my left hand to present the face of my watch to her face. Except that when you look at it, the watch is actually an intricate display of animated colors and shapes and the little girl goes into Wow mode. Finishing the climb I began at the base of the sculpture, I am standing on one of these airplane seats, but my weight is bending it low so that it impinges upon the guy sitting in the next row. I step down and wake up.

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