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Autumn by Ali Smith 0

Autumn by Ali Smith

★★★★★ The first part of a seasonal tetralogy, Ali Smith’s Autumn is a stunning meditation on memory and modernity, reconciling loss in our contemporary age of excess. This a perfect novel for the post-Trump,...

The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge 0

The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge

★★★★☆ Horror fiction legend H.P. Lovecraft transformed reality into mythos. His tales of the Old Gods, lurking “inside the earth or under the sea” or just beyond a distant astral plane, often begin in...


The Futures by Anna Pitoniak

★★★☆☆ Anna Pitoniak’s debut novel The Futures is a quintessentially millennial coming of age story. A pair of undergraduates receive their diplomas, and as their graduation caps tumble to the grass, the scaffolding of...