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Signs of You by Emily France 0

Signs of You by Emily France

★★★★★ Riley’s mother has been dead for two years when Riley spots her in a Heinen’s supermarket, nonchalantly perusing bubble bath as though she wasn’t even supposed to be six feet beneath the cold...

Hatred-of-Poetry-Ben-Lerner 0

The Hatred of Poetry by Ben Lerner

★★★★★ “I, too, dislike it,” Ben Lerner writes in the opening of his essential essay The Hatred of Poetry, invoking the beginning of Marianne Moore’s short, four-line poem “Poetry.” Moore’s poem continues with a...

Adam-Haslett-Imagine-Me-Gone 0

Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett

★★★★★ “Imagine me gone,” their father tells them. Alec and his older sister Celia are too young to understand the sadness and desperation in their father John’s request as he lays down on the...