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Paper by Mark Kurlansky 0

Paper by Mark Kurlansky

★★★★☆ Mark Kurlansky writes about the basics of life. Topics have included salt, cod fish, frozen food, music, and baseball (Hank Greenberg). Detailed, comprehensive, and thoroughly researched, his latest is a history of paper...

Miroslav-Penkov-Stork-Mountain 0

Stork Mountain by Miroslav Penkov

★★★★☆ Miroslav Penkov’s whimsical debut novel Stork Mountain brings readers to the rural Bulgarian village of Klisura, where an unnamed American narrator has just arrived to live with his grandfather. Compounding the generational and...

The Ancient Minstrel by Jim Harrison 0

The Ancient Minstrel by Jim Harrison

★★★★☆ Jim Harrison’s The Ancient Minstrel is a chaser to life’s intoxicated stumble. Despite almost being able to smell the alcohol vapors from Harrison’s pages, his prose acts as a neutralizer: in a time...